On 23rd/24th of June, we had a fruitful Annual Meeting via teleconference, attended by 43 time-use epidemiologists from 18 countries.

The meeting was chaired by INTUE President, Professor Timothy Olds and had the following agenda:

1) Welcome (Timothy Olds; 10 minutes);
2) An overview of INTUE constitution and activities (Zeljko Pedisic; 10 minutes);
3) Presentation and adoption of the INTUE annual report for 2019 (Zeljko Pedisic; 10 minutes);
4) Presentation and adoption of the INTUE annual financial statement for 2019 (Dorothea Dumuid; 10 minutes);
5) INTUE Annual Awards (Timothy Olds; 5 minutes);
6) Discussion about future activities of INTUE (all attendees; 30 minutes);
7) Other general business (Zeljko Pedisic; 10 minutes);
8) Closing remarks (Timothy Olds; 5 minutes).

Many thanks to all INTUE members who contributed to the meeting!