We are proud to have sent out the first newsletter of our Network on the 23rd of June. Many thanks and kudos to the INTUE Working Group for Internal Communications who developed the newsletter, especially to Dr Bruno Gonçalves Galdino da Costa and Ms Jiani Ma who spearheaded the work.

The Working Group is committed to publishing four newsletters per year—in June, September, December, and March—with the aim to spread news about researchers, research outputs, grants, and events in time-use epidemiology.

You can use the newsletters not just to stay informed about time-use epidemiology but also to promote your own work. To find out how to suggest items for future newsletters, please refer to the “Call for newsletter items” section in the newsletter.

If you are an INTUE member but you did not receive the newsletter, please check your ‘Junk email’ folder, as it may have ended up there. Adding the senders address to the “Secure Senders” list may help prevent this from happening with the future INTUE newsletters.

We hope you will enjoy reading the first INTUE newsletter.